Dickcoin was born of a question:

“What if money COULDN’T be exchanged for goods or services? What if money was just for fun?”

The idea of having, making, and exchanging money just as a hobby is a novel one. It is our deepest hope that this may even be a peek into some kind of post scarcity future.

The idea of money that cannot possibly be used as currency has been done before. In fact all other cryptocurrencies are also impractical for trade. Our mission is to focus on fun rather than opportunities for runaway financial speculation. We hope you feel our approach is more honest.

We also aim to be the most sustainable cryptocurrency on the market. Using our novel “unchained” approach, we have removed the calculations needed to mine coin, and with it removed the electricity and time needed. We aim to take crypto back from the elite who can afford 20 high end graphics cards. Now anyone can mine as much coin as they want.