Made to Order-Beautifully Shafted

Other NFTs are procedurally generated from a pool of premade assets. Rather than imitate this uninspired approach, we choose to innovate by offering made-to-mint NFTs by taking pictures of our genitals every time one is minted. Holding a Dickcoin NFT gives you full access to the Members Only area, where you can view the censored images and private content mabe by adults

Industry Class Privacy and Security

Privacy is one of our main concerns. We believe in a person's right to privacy, especially regarding their bodies, and as such we will not uncensor our NFTs. In addition, to ensure the owner’s privacy, the minting and ownership is completely integrated into the dickcoin platform. Users will not have their information or their NFT’s tied to some “blockchain”.

You Choose How You Want to Sell

Our NFTs can only be traded or bought/sold for Dickcoin. This renders platforms such as opensea obsolete, increasing security and simplifying the user experience. Dickcoin NFTs can be exchanged through any messaging service, such as discord or what’sapp. The seller needs only to send the NFT and increase their dickcoin balance, and the buyer need only decrease their balance or send a NFT of similar value.


More Coming Soon